The other day I received a message from a longtime friend which read “I really like the drive I see in you lately. And the light in your eyes. You are on a good path.”  and it was such a nice compliment to read. Said friend and I had just linked the day before in Bushwick where I’d been hired to shoot in the new collection of his leggings brand which uses his Photography as designs.

Prior to that meet, we’d seen one another mid last year (’16) when he’d invited me to join him in Tulum (México) for a test shoot in hope of making me his new brand’s Ambassador. We’d kept in touch over the passing months with each getting busier than the other every time we’d attempt a “catch up” dinner so it was great to finally have some face time.,uring

It felt great to receive his message because the last few years have felt like such an emotional drainage with folks I truly believed I was building with or as I so poetically described to a new acquaintance over dinner recently “shedding skin”.


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