My Barometer Jeans

The other day I overheard someone mention “Barometer Jeans” in their conversation and I giggled incessantly in both embarrassment and amusement as I too use that term. Barometer jeans are  pants (or any article of clothing) one keeps from a time when they were happiest with their body and said item is used to gauge any possible weight one gains over the years! Now you can understand the giggling, I am not alone in my silliness!

My barometer jeans (by Taverniti So) were an accidental eBay purchase when I was seventeen. At the time I was actually  looking to replace another beloved pair of jeans (Siwy Denim – Rose) but couldn’t get them unless I bought an entire Lot! Unfortunately, upon arrival, the Siwy style I was looking for was not what was in my Lot but I did luckily find other gems, my high waisted bell bottoms being one!

I revisit my barometer jeans frequently and besides the effortless chic and casual appeal they exude when paired with anything and the sexy feeling I get in them, they’re just simply stylish. My Taverniti’s have also journeyed with me through many adventures: my Los Angeles move, my stint in Chicago,  followed by my time in Munich, my two years return to Paris, and finally the move back to New York City so in an essence, they have become a part of me and a definite wardrobe staple I know won’t go out of style. Ironically, I usually dislike clothing that makes my body shape look boxy but my barometer jeans really accentuates the feminine form, granted I’ve conquered many a battles getting them past my hips over the years :).

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